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Kingdom Kids


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Kingdom Kids
Kingdom Kids partners with parents to lead children into a growing relationship with God. Your child will enjoy inspired praise and worship, hands on lessons and an exciting journey through the Bible as God’s word comes to life each week.
Kingdom Kids Journey
A journey of learning for kids three to eleven years old with a safe environment. We teach kids using age-appropriate lessons that capture their attention. Kingdom Kids classrooms are open 30 minutes before services. The classrooms are broken down into four 15 rotations: craft, snack, lesson and recreation.
Kingdom Kids Gatherings
We meet every Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 10am along with general assembly.

We have something for everyone!

Sunshine Room

This room is designed for nursing mothers who need some privacy or for mothers who needs to calm their child down all while still being able to part take in the service.

Blue Room

Grades Pre-k 3 + Pre-k 4

At this age, we know your child is all about exploring. They’re constantly moving, touching, and investigating as they learn about the world around them. Our group leaders in the Blue Room simplify the Word of God to meet their needs.

Yellow Room

Grades Kindergarten + 1st Grade

In this room, students will engage in a hands on craft/ activity.

Orange Room

Grades 2nd + 3rd Grade

In this room, students will be able enjoy a light snack and refreshment.

Green Room

Grades 4th

In this room, students will receive their hands on Bible lesson and teaching according to their age/ grade bracket.
These groups are designed and focused on harnessing the child's influence. Our group leaders help develop a passion for loving others and making a difference in the Influencers environment. We engage kids through worship, video-based Bible stories, and hands-on critical thinking activities.