Weekly gathering every Friday from 6p-9p

  • 1st Friday -> Team Building Night
  • 2nd Friday -> Bible Study
  • 3rd Friday -> Small Groups
  • 4th Friday -> Identity Night : where we dive into who God says we are!
** If there's a 5th Friday we do a movie night!

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Generation X Youth Ministry


To bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every youth we encounter so they can continue to pass the good news from generation to generation.


  • To instill the truth of God's Word into every youth and bring light to the significance of Genesis 48:13 -- where the blessing was crossed and then placed on the youngest.
  • To pour blessings of God's love, knowledge, mercy, grace and salvation onto every generation we come across.
  • To teach our youth church is more than just 4 walls. It's about family, communion, fellowship and all about Jesus.